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Brotherhood Union


Brother Alfred Rachel



"Laymen Ministry for the Purpose of Engaging, Informing, Motivating, Supporting, Praying for, and Equipping Men and Boys in the Service and Missionary Ministry of the Church”

Children & Youth Convention

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Tanner Citizen - President

Deon Turner Vice President at Large

1st Vice President – Chandler Vidrine

2nd Vice President – Alyrick Ford

3rd Vice President – Sondra Williams

Corresponding Secretary – Diamond Dixon

Recording Secretary – Kerry Wilson

Financial Secretary – Martonia Sanders

Assistant to Secretaries – Roslyn Anderson

Treasurers:  Dajayana Gallow & Saysiana Gallow

Parliamentarian – Aaliyah Johnson

Praise & Worship Leader – Jasmine Parker

Devotional Leaders – Maya Wilson, Charles Williams & Destiny Marshall

Leadership Advisory Team

Assistant Director – Rev. Joshua Palmer

Assistant Director – Rev. Bonji Arvie

Youth Coordinator – Sis. Tezra Francis

Children’s Ministry Coordinator – Sis. Roxanne Clark

Health Awareness Coordinator – Sis. Emily Ashworth

Bible Activities Coordinator –  Min. Johnell Celestine

Music Coordinator – Bro. Micah Chatman

Special Programs – Sis. Stephanie Ford

Administrative Secretary & Registration – Sis. Charlathia Rachel

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Rev Mallery Callahan II




The Congress of Christian Education is the educational arm of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist Convention, Inc. We are responsible for the delivery of teaching and training classes that cover every facet of Christian Education. Our Educational Classes offer a learning experience to help individuals to grow not only spiritually in their work, but also prepare them to witness in the world today.

Our purpose is to develop the skills of Christian workers and to prepare the next generation of leaders who will shape the future. We are facing daily challenges in the world such as the Pandemic, Mask Shootings, and many other forms of tragedies. With the help of God, we must reach out to our future generation, being church or unchurched, and commit to giving them the Education in God’s Word. The Word of God, if applied could very well save our lives, homes, churches, communities, and our Nation.

We declare and reaffirm that God’s Mission for our Congress of Christian Education involves ministering to the spiritual, and intellect.

Health Awareness Team (HAT)

The Health Awareness Team (HAT) is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our members and communities. Through the combined efforts of churches, associations, organizations, professionals, and community leaders, the Health Awareness Team (HAT) will provide programs that will improve awareness and educate the public.


Sister Barbara Hardy


Lake Charles

Ministers' Wives & Widows


Sister Veronica Noel 



Sister Eartha Cross

President Emeritus/Travel Coordinator

Sister Justina Lazard

Vice President at Large

Sister Matilda Tolbert

1st Vice President

Sister Anuary Mahoney

Corresponding Secretary

Sister Connie Trent

Financial Secretary

Sisters Faye Martin
Sister Oralean Showers

Devotional Leaders

Sister Jackie Dixon

Program Coordinator:

Sister Patricia Causey

Hospitality Coordinator

Sister John Ethel Taylor

Outreach Coordinator

Team Coordinators:
Sister Estella Johnson
Sister Geraldine Callahan 

The Ministers’ Wives and Widows Conference shall be made up of the wives and widows of preachers and pastors of The Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist State Convention, Inc. The goals of the Ministers Wives and Widows Conference are to be Titus 2 wives encouraging and teaching them how to present themselves by standing firm on the Word of God, fleeing from confusion, following after righteousness, and fighting the good fight of faith.

Music Department

Music is a dynamic element in the life and work of the church. It has become an integral part of worship. The use of music in worship is perhaps as old as man himself. Music history bears witness to this fact. Both the Old and New Testaments give an account of music in worship. Christian music provides for spiritual contact to that inner, personal response of man to melodious strains and lyrics through which Scriptural messages flow. These messages give guidance to worshipping, witnessing, ministering, and applying Christian principles in everyday life.



Rev. Tommy Gladney • Assistant Director – Planning & Events, Lake Charles
VACANT • Recording Secretary, Opelousas

Ushers' Auxiliary


A church usher is a person who helps ensure a smoothly running church service and who ministers to people in a variety of practical ways. The specific responsibilities of an usher vary with the church, but his duties usually include greeting people as they arrive for the service, assisting people with special needs, and collecting the offering. Some churches provide a pin or name tag of some kind to easily identify their usher.

Sister Shauna Spencer


Lake Charles


Brother O’Bern Davis, Jr.
President Emeritus, Alexandria

Sister Earlee D. Young

President Emeritus, Lake Charles


Vice President at Large 

Sister Glenda Caine

1st Vice President Baton Rouge

Sister Olevia Albert 

2nd Vice President Baton Rouge

Sister Barbara Barrow

3rd. Vice President Baton Rouge

Sister Tammy Henry

Recording Secretary Algiers

Sister Shirley M. Davis

Assistant Recording Secretary Alexandria

Sister Betty Prier

Corresponding Secretary Coittonport

Sister Claudia Gaines

Treasurer Alexandria

Sister Vilery Lagrone 

Financial Secretary Alexandria

Brother Patrick Smith 

Inactive Head Usher Maringouin

Brother Joseph Cummings

Head Usher Baton Rouge

Brother Roosevelt Jarrell 

Assistant Head Usher Baton Rouge

Brother Nurlin Jacob

Bible Teacher Ville Platte


Sister Olevia Albert

Assistant Bible Teacher Baton Rouge

Sister Laura Keys

Assistant Bible Teacher Marksville

Sister Gailen Malvo

Song Leader Shreveport


Sister Ethel Ben, Supervisor - Ville Platte

Sister Willie Valyan, Assistant Supervisor - Lake Charles

Sister Linda Edward, Assistant Supervisor - Lake Charles

Sister Veronica Ben, Assistant Supervisor - Mamou

Women's Mission Union Auxiliary

It is the mission of the Women Missions Union of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist Convention, Inc., to Reach, Teach and Touch. In our everyday lives, it is our desire to Reach out to the Lost, Teach the Biblical Word of God, and Touch those who are hurting, downtrodden, and suffering, with the love of Jesus Christ.
Disciples of Jesus Christ are to live out their relationship through missions projects, ministries, prayer, Bible study, and giving to those who are less fortunate. Our Mission is to provide every person with the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Iberia A. Gatson, Vice-President at Large 
Pamela L. Smith, 1st Vice President 
Demetra Bowie, 2nd Vice President
Annie H. Grace, 3rd Vice President
Pam J. Blackwell, Administrative Assistant
Connie Dyson, Recording Secretary, and Conference Director
Earnestine Coleman, Corresponding Secretary
Sandra DeShields Ford, Assistant Corresponding Secretary/Music Coordinator 
Willie Mae Taylor, Bible Study Teacher 
Theda Burden, Devotional Leader/Prayer Summons Co-chair
Barbara Hardy, Health Awareness/Prayer Summons Co-chair
Patsy Morgan, Workshop Coordinator
Abagail W. Braxton, Financial Secretary &Treasurer
Orelia Kelly, Conference Coordinator


Sister Gloria Plain-Davis


Baton Rouge

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