Reverend S. C. Dixon, General President

Rev. Pernell R. Trent, Sr., General Secretary

Foreign Mission Board

The Foreign Mission Board has the overall responsibility for promoting the mission ministry of the Convention abroad in response to the Great Commission enunciated by our Lord, Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.  The Foreign Mission Board is charged with carrying out foreign mission work in ministry with local Christians and church bodies to complete the Biblical assignment of the church of Jesus Christ.  As authorized by the Convention, the Foreign Mission Board and authorized persons beyond the local church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in areas that are without witness, to win souls to Christ and to establish functioning local congregations for the continued witness to the faith.

Board Members

  • Reverend Alvin J.                              Noel Chairman             
  • Reverend Jaamal Weathersby       Vice Chairman             
  • Reverend Brayon Harris                  Secretary/Treasurer             
  • Reverend Sam Baker                 
  • Reverend Ocie Charles 
  • Reverend LeeRoy Jack 
  • Reverend LeVan Jackson 
  • Bishop Wilfret Johnson 
  • Reverend Sherard Joseph 
  • Reverend Joseph Jourdan
  • Reverend Wesley Lott