Home Mission Board


The Home Mission Board, in collaboration with the Convention’s objectives, is charged with overall responsibility of promoting the Home Mission Ministry of the Convention in response to the Great Commission enunciated by our Lord Jesus Christ.  The ministry of he Home Mission Board is designed to provide financial assistance to mission preachers, pastors, churches, and individuals experiencing dire financial need; provide assistance to churches and areas stricken by disasters and acts of God, provide disciplining techniques and training through symposia, workshops and seminars in leadership and church growth; promote the Home Mission ministry of the LAHFMBSC, Inc., through a marketing ministry, and keep alive a communications network with all churches in the State Convention.


Board Members:

Rev. Larry Cross, Chairman, Hammond

Rev. Tom Hamilton, Jr., Vice Chairman, Alexandria

Rev. Johnny Milton, Independence

Sister Pauline Hurst, Administrative Assistant, Lake Charles

Sister Angelia Stewart, Liaison for MMBB, Lake Charles

Sister Alfreda Smith, Covington

Rev. Norlan Arvie, Opelousas

Rev. August F. Picquet, Braithwaite

Rev. Ernest Johnson, New Orleans

Rev. A.G. Sudds, Sr., Shreveport

Rev. Donald Burris, Slidell

Rev. Chris Matthews, Bogalusa

Deacon Ken Reeves, Covington

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