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Ministers’ Wives and Widows Conference

Sister Veronica Noel, President



The Ministers’ Wives and Widows Conference shall be made up of the wives and widows of preachers and pastors of The Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist State Convention, Inc.  The goals of the Ministers Wives and Widows Conference are to be Titus 2 wives encouraging and teaching them how to present themselves by standing firm on the Word of God, fleeing from confusion, following after righteousness and fighting the good fight of faith.


Nugget:  We are called by God to be by our husband’s side and have received an extra measure of God’s Grace to fulfill the role of a Pastor/Ministers’ wife.




President                                                  Sister Veronica Noel

President Emeritus/Travel Coordinator         Sister Eartha Cross

Vice President at Large                              Sister Justina Lazard                                              

1st Vice President                                     Sister Matilda Tolbert

Corresponding Secretary                           Sister Anuary Mahoney                     

Financial Secretary                                    Sister Connie Trent

Devotional Leaders                                   Sisters Faye Martin                                     

                                                              Sister Oralean Showers

Program Coordinator                                 Sister Jackie Dixon

Hospitality Coordinator                              Sister Patricia Causey

Outreach Coordinator                                Sister John Ethel Taylor

Team Coordinators                                   Sister Estella Johnson

                                                              Sister Geraldine Callahan