Reverend S. C. Dixon, General President

Rev. Pernell R. Trent, Sr., General Secretary

LAHFMBC Partners with

Success Training Institute

Soft Skills for Success

Success Training Institute is the world’s leading, online soft skills training provider. Each class in its digital library is delivered in video modules of 8 minutes or less and has been proven to increase productivity, morale and confidence amongst its user base. With thousands of satisfied customers and new content added monthly, the company offers certification programs for retail and corporate clients.

Benefits to LAHFMBC Members: Success Training Institute offers cutting edge technology that allows LAHFMBC Members to earn soft skill certifications in dozens of courses; including leadership, time management, effective decision making and conflict resolution. This partnership allows members of the LAHFMBC to gain access to the skills at a discounted, affordable price.

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Do I Need Soft Skills?

Everyone needs soft skills! Soft skills are used in every step of your life from high school, college, career, and beyond. Check out the research for yourself!

Soft Skills Assessment

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