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june, 2022


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Official visit to Evangeline Parish area hit by the recent tornado!

The President of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions, the Reverend S.C. Dixon made an official visit to Evangeline Parish area hit by the recent tornado! I was honor to share in the visit and see so many folks Who I have known all through the years! My friends, the Evangeline Parish Schools Superintendent and Pastor the Reverend Darwan Lazard and the very committed Mayor of Ville Platte Jennifer Vidrine escorted us around and though much has been cleared, it’s still so much devastation, especially among the least who can’t afford to pay a tree company! Thank God for the Mayor stopping by every house and sending folks to cut the trees of those in need! Our Baptist State Convention, the National Baptist Convention of America and in partnership with the Ninth Missionary Baptist Church fed the first responders, city workers, volunteers and those community folks who were hungry. Keep the prayer wheel turning for the people of the area! We also had a great visit with our brothers of the Southern Baptist relief team and First Baptist of Ville Platte who are also assisting in the relief efforts!

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