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The Congress of Christian Education is the educational arm of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist Convention, Inc. We are responsible for the delivery of teaching and training classes that cover every facet of Christian Education. Our Educational Classes offer a learning experience to help individuals to grow not only spiritually in their work, but also prepare them to witness in the world today.

Our purpose is to develop the skills of Christian workers and to prepare the next generation of leaders who will shape the future. We are facing daily challenges in the world such as the Pandemic, Mask Shootings, and many other forms of tragedies. With the help of God, we must reach out to our future generation, being church or unchurched, and commit to giving them the Education in God’s Word. The Word of God, if applied could very well save our lives, homes, churches, communities, and our Nation.

We declare and reaffirm that God’s Mission for our Congress of Christian Education involves ministering to the spiritual, and intellect.

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